Picture of Buck's Row Whitechapel in London's East End (now Durward St) - site of Jack the Ripper's first murder on 31 August 1888. Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols' body was discovered 3 metres back from the corner of the tall brick building.

Take a Ripper virtual tour from the first murder scene. Click on the map below to view all 5 murder scenes and other key locations in the hunt for the world's first recognised serial killer.

Buck's Row Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper's London 1888

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This link will take you to the key points in London where Jack the Ripper carried out his 5 murders
over 71 days from 31 August 1888 to 9 November 1888. You can use this map to make your own Jack the
Ripper walk around London or to trace the movements of the Whitechapel killer whose identity has
never been established.

Jack The Ripper was 'invented by the press' says retired murder detective ahead of Myths And Mysteries show in Runcorn

Trevor Marriott, former murder detective, is coming to
 The Brindley in Runcorn with his
Myths And Mysteries show.
A retired murder detective who believes Jack The Ripper was ‘invented by the press’ is coming to Runcorn to discuss the findings of his investigations into famous legends and theories of the unexplained.

Trevor Marriott brings his Myths And Mysteries: The Real Truth show to The Brindley on Thursday, January 29, to present his analysis of the evidence behind topics as diverse as the existence of The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, Lord Lucan, UFOs and the debate over whether the Apollo Moon landing took place.

Other investigations include mermaids, the yeti and sea monsters.

He will also be bringing his skills to bear in an exposé of mediums and those who claim they can communicate with the dead.

Trevor said his interest in mysteries stemmed from research into Jack the Ripper, the evidence of which led him to the conclusion that the killings were the actions of multiple murderers rather than one.

He told the Weekly News that the notorious serial killer’s nickname was the creation of an ‘over-zealous member of the press’.

Although he carried out the research in 2002, he later took the results on a theatre tour in 2013.

His interest has now broadened to encompass about 40 topics.

He said: “When I started to look at these particular mysteries that have fascinated people for years it soon became apparent that the members of the public have been misled by what they have seen and what they have read in books and documentaries.

“I set about trying to do an impartial investigation into these myths and to look at what evidence support these theories.

“Some are definitive, others are not.

“I think it’s going to be a very interesting show for the public because of the diverse topics I’m going to be covering.”

Speaking about the benefits of his former career’s experience, he said: “When you are working on an investigation as a police officer you have to take an unbiased approach, your role is to prove or disprove and I can bring that to the table with these myths and mysteries.”

Myths And Mysteries: The Real Truth is on at The Brindley at 7.30pm on Thursday, January 29.

Tickets are £12 or £10 concessions.

For more information or to book call 0151 907 8360.