Picture of Buck's Row Whitechapel in London's East End (now Durward St) - site of Jack the Ripper's first murder on 31 August 1888. Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols' body was discovered 3 metres back from the corner of the tall brick building.

Take a Ripper virtual tour from the first murder scene. Click on the map below to view all 5 murder scenes and other key locations in the hunt for the world's first recognised serial killer.

Buck's Row Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper's London 1888

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This link will take you to the key points in London where Jack the Ripper carried out his 5 murders
over 71 days from 31 August 1888 to 9 November 1888. You can use this map to make your own Jack the
Ripper walk around London or to trace the movements of the Whitechapel killer whose identity has
never been established.

Jack the Ripper London Sightseeing Tours and Walks

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Jack the Ripper London Sightseeing Tours and Walks
  • The unsolved crimes of Jack the Ripper have never ceased to capture the public imagination, and some of Whitechapel's alleys have changed little in the more than 100 years since Jack's reign of terror. Several different tours operate in Whitechapel, taking visitors for a walk along the very cobbles where blood was spilled and passing the Ten Bells Pub, where some of Jack's victims, and perhaps even the killer himself, were known to tip a pint.

  • Jack the Ripper Tour

    Ripping Yarns, a London tour company, has been offering Jack the Ripper tours in Whitechapel since 1992. Each guide is a retired member of the British armed forces whose day job is leading tours at another famous London landmark. The tours leave every night at 6:45 from the Tower Hill underground station, except for the week between Christmas and New Year's. Feel free to book in advance, or you can just look for the tour guide holding the sign that says "Ripping Yarns." If your guide requests payment in advance, it is not a Ripping Yarns tour, as the company is confident about your willingness to pay after you experience the guided tour. Jack the Ripper Tour 355 Archway Road London, N6 4EJ United Kingdom‎ +44-0-20-8341-6111‎
  • Jack the Ripper Walk

    The most famous and highly acclaimed tour company in the city, London Walks offers a host of guided tours, including movie location tours, Harry Potter tours and ghost walks. Of all the London Walks, however, only the Jack the Ripper Walk was named a Gold Winner for Best Tourism Experience in the Visit London Awards of 2008. While all the tour guides are expertly trained, for the true Ripper experience you might want to check the website and join the tour when it is led by Donald. Donald is Donald Rumbelow, a former British police sergeant, crime historian, former curator of the London Crime Museum and author of two books on Jack's reign of terror. He also owns what is allegedly Jack's own knife! Other tour guides include several recognizable British television and film actors, and tours leave from the Tower Hill underground station every night at 7:30. Tours also leave at 3 p.m on Saturdays; there are no tours on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Jack the Ripper Walk P.O. Box 1708 London, NW6 4LW United Kingdom +44-0-20-7624-3978
  • The London Dungeon

    The Dungeon is an attraction dedicated to bringing some of London's most gruesome history to life through live shows, scary rides and interactive exhibits. Among exhibits on the bloody history of surgery and the great fire of London, the Dungeon offers a trip back in time to 1888, when the city was gripped with fear. While not a substitute for exploring Whitechapel with a tour guide, a visit to the London Dungeon makes a great addition to any Jack the Ripper experience. The London Dungeon 28-34 Tooley St. London, SE1 2SZ United Kingdom‎ +44-0-20-7403-7221‎