Picture of Buck's Row Whitechapel in London's East End (now Durward St) - site of Jack the Ripper's first murder on 31 August 1888. Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols' body was discovered 3 metres back from the corner of the tall brick building.

Take a Ripper virtual tour from the first murder scene. Click on the map below to view all 5 murder scenes and other key locations in the hunt for the world's first recognised serial killer.

Buck's Row Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper's London 1888

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This link will take you to the key points in London where Jack the Ripper carried out his 5 murders
over 71 days from 31 August 1888 to 9 November 1888. You can use this map to make your own Jack the
Ripper walk around London or to trace the movements of the Whitechapel killer whose identity has
never been established.

One big Ripper game

Cover of the video game "Ripper" 

Legendary actor Christopher Walken plays Magnotta in the video game Ripper.

Classic attention-seeker Eric Clinton Newman plays Magnotta is his own video of sex, perversion and death.

Walkens’ version is Vince Magnotta and is fiction.

Newman’s version, who he legally re-named Luka Magnotta, is real.

“It’s like this is fun for him,” said one copper. “It’s like it’s one big game.”

A game like Ripper?

“Ripper is a cyberpunk murder mystery about an enigmatic serial killer who’s been ... butchering people in the style of Jack the Ripper,” writes Ferdinand Bardamu in an online review. “Jake Quinlan (is) a newspaper reporter ... who’s been the recipient of creepy e-mails from the Ripper himself. At the opening of the game, Quinlan’s girlfriend is attacked by the Ripper” which sends the reporter on a mission of trying to “uncover the Ripper’s identity and bring him to justice” while also tangling with “the shady cop Vincent Magnotta, who is played by Walken.”

Sound familiar?

The real-life story has seen body parts mailed to high-profile locations, gore, blood, kitten killings and ominous e-mails and interviews with newspaper reporters.

“It’s like he’s sitting back watching all of these people looking for him while he is getting his jollies,” said the cop about this week’s events.

It’s like his own personal game of Catch me if You Can with a little American Psycho, Silence of the Lambs and Dexter mixed in.

The real-life Magnotta’s psychological profile is not yet in but in the social media world we already know he has many personalities and identities, including Mattia Del Santo. One of them is Vladimir Romanov — same name as a businessman who owns a Scottish football team. Under that name he is Facebook friends with Logan Valintini, who has a profile picture of Homolka’s sister Lori.

When I met him here at the Toronto Sun in 2007, he told me of how he had a therapist and that his “life was spinning out of control” thanks to all the gossip about him on the Internet and how he had been rumoured to be romantically linked to Karla Homolka.

I received several unsubstantiated calls from people suggesting Magnotta’s mother Anna Yourkin may have known serial killer Paul Bernardo back in his Scarborough rapists days.

“They are always trying to do that,” Bernardo’s father Ken told me Friday of people trying to link his son or Homolka to other crimes. “I don’t know anything about this.”

Ken told me as far as he knows there was never any connection to the people in this story.

I spoke briefly with Magnotta’s mother over the phone but just got “no comment.”

Meanwhile it’s like we are all pawns in this contest — except for 33-year Jun Lin, who is a non-fiction victim.

For all we know, Magnotta is back home in Peterborough or even dead somewhere.

Police say he has fled to France or somewhere else in Europe while at the same time saying he could be back in Canada already or have never left.

In a 2010 MySpace posting a Luka Magnotta seems to be standing in front of the Louvre in Paris so who knows?

“I first realized I was truly sick when I started hearing voices,” it was written on this site. “I was in the park and I just heard screams and people talking in my ear.”

Another interesting comment was “I travel the world, ride around in limos” and have “come a long way from eating out of old pizza boxes on the streets.”

Who knows what’s true and what’s fantasy with this guy?

In the video game, Ripper “can be any of four of the main characters” and while he is “addicted to killing people” the “guessing game” of trying to figure out which one could be arrested is whatthe reviewer calls a “guessing game” that fills “you with a sense of accomplishment.”

In the real life game, authorities would be happy to track down any of Luka Magnotta’s many sordid characters.