Picture of Buck's Row Whitechapel in London's East End (now Durward St) - site of Jack the Ripper's first murder on 31 August 1888. Mary Ann "Polly" Nichols' body was discovered 3 metres back from the corner of the tall brick building.

Take a Ripper virtual tour from the first murder scene. Click on the map below to view all 5 murder scenes and other key locations in the hunt for the world's first recognised serial killer.

Buck's Row Whitechapel

Jack the Ripper's London 1888

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This link will take you to the key points in London where Jack the Ripper carried out his 5 murders
over 71 days from 31 August 1888 to 9 November 1888. You can use this map to make your own Jack the
Ripper walk around London or to trace the movements of the Whitechapel killer whose identity has
never been established.

Is Australia's Walter Porriott Jack the Ripper?

Channel 9 Australia - Monday 15 September 2008.
The Today Program examines
the two possible
Australian connections
to Jack the Ripper -
Walter Porriott and Frederick Bailey Deeming.

There has been intense recent media speculation in Australia that the grave of Walter Porriott in Brisbane's Toowong Cemetery is the final resting place of Jack the Ripper.

Ripperologists and historians Paul Tully and Jack Sim appeared on the Channel 9 Today program around Australia on 15 September 2008 to explore the possibility that Porriott - who left London for Australia on the day of the last Ripper murder on 9 November 1888 - was the Butcher of Whitechapel.

Paul Tully and Jack Sim are not convinced that Walter Porriott is Jack the Ripper and rate the likelihood as "exceedingly low", principally because Porriott's modus operandi as a criminal conman, impersonator and fraudster is quite different from the modus operandi of Jack the Ripper.

But the Porriott theory - first raised by his own family in 1997 - has never been disproved and therefore cannot be totally dismissed, with Porriott remaining a suspect in the East End killings.

Do you have a theory on who

Jack the Ripper really was?

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